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Yotsuba Buttermilk Pancake mix

Product information

Yotsuba milk products co., Ltd. use selected ingredients which is made in Hokkaido
(flour, sugar, buttermilk powder).We dedicated to produce great product so you can consume safely and feel the goodness of Hokkaido’s ingredients.

Buttermilk powder


Except for salt and baking powder, all other ingredients are 100% made in Hokkaido.

100% Hokkaido made wheat flour, sugar and buttermilk powder used as raw ingredients. The other raw ingredients are only salt and baking powder.
A simple, natural pancake mix that doesn't use any other extra material. Please enjoy the goodness of the high quality ingredient.

As it contains buttermilk powder made from Hokkaido, it made a moist and ‘melt in your mouth‛ pancake.

It is common to use buttermilk for the batter in Europe and America, which are the home of pancakes.By using buttermilk, it becomes a light pancake with a soft texture that melts in the mouth.

→What is buttermilk?


No flavours, preservatives and stabilizers are used.

In order to let you enjoy the goodness of the ingredients, we do not use modified starch,
which is a texture improver, thickeners, or artificial flavours that adds an artificial sweet aroma.

Aluminum is not used as the raw material for baking powder.

Taking into account of the opinions from customers who are concerned about safety, we use aluminum-free baking powder.

Buttermilk powder

Do you know buttermilk?

Although it is a name that is rarely heard in Japan, the liquid obtained when producing butter from fresh cream is called buttermilk and has a distinctive rich milk flavour. Yotsuba buttermilk pancake mix uses buttermilk powder, which is the dried buttermilk.

Yotsuba buttermilk powder is a high quality product which is recognized by professionals such like chefs and pâtissier.

We are one of the few dairy manufacturers in Japan that produce buttermilk powder. Buttermilk powder has been highly evaluated by various customers as a raw material for business use, and is also used by pancake specialty stores.


How to cook deliciously


Ingredient Serving for two Pancake 80g x 4pcs

Ingredient list

Recipe Make Pancake

  • Mix egg and hokkaido yotsuba milk in a bowl.
  • Add in yotsuba buttermilk pancake mix, mix well until no lump
  • Last add in salad oil, whisk it until completely even.
  • Rest the batter for about 5mins.
  • Pour in some salad oil into pre-heated frypan. Place the frypan on a wet cloth and cool it down a little. ※If you are using hotplate, preheat it with low heat (150℃), start bake only after the temperature
  • Pour 1/4 of your batter into frypan. (After 2~2 1/2mins) You shall see big bubble forming. Flip the pancake and cook for another 1min.


 Serve pancake with whipped cream and decorate it with your favourite fruits, Pour honey, garnish with mint leaf and sprinkle some icing sugar on the pancake.

The important point for baking pancake


Arranged recipe

We shall introduce the arranged recipe by using our “Yotsuba buttermilk pancake mix”. Enjoy various ways of eating from colourful and delicious sweets to delectable meal with your own creative arrangement.

Fruits Pancake

The basic pancake is decorated with fresh cream and fruits.

French Pancake

The remaining pancakes will be delicious even if they are reheated in a microwave oven or toaster,
but if they are arranged in a French toast style, they is reborn and simply divine.
Soak it into egg solution with plenty of milk and fresh cream, and bake it with butter.

Croque Monsieur Pancake

The meal menu by using mix shredded cheese, white sauce and bacon.

Strawberry Shortcake (X’mas version)

The classic popular strawberry shortcake is made into a cup by using pancakes.
It’s easy to make with cups or glasses found at your home, to serve as party dessert.
The sweet and sour taste from strawberries and its jam, milk flavour from fresh cream and pudding create a symphony filled in your mouth.
Occasionally, try entwined with the crispness of biscuits.
* Please use an empty pudding container you can buy from a pastry shop or a transparent glass for the cup.

Banana Bûche de Noël

A thin, soft pancake mixed with cocoa powder is transformed into swiss roll cake with whipped cream and banana. It is a Christmas cake called Bûche de Noël.