Message from the president

Delivering Hokkaido goodness directly to consumersWe contribute to realizing daily lifestyles full of happiness by delivering goodness directly from Hokkaido to consumers.

The company was established in 1967 with the fund of the agricultural cooperatives under the local dairy farmer ideals of developing a "long-term stability based dairy management structure" and "delivering quality milk and other dairy products directly to the consumer through our own systems". In present times, other company factories in addition to Tokachi, such as in Hokkaido's Konsen, Kitami, Soya even in Chiba prefecture also deliver products on a daily basis.

Since its inception, the company has continued to work on product and business development based on its high quality raw milk, and from there onto expansion into overseas markets using programs to build and penetrate the Hokkaido brand further.

Working as a bridge between the dairy farmers and the customer, we will continue to deliver high-quality milk and dairy products that are tasty and safe using our quality raw milk, and also contribute to the succession and development of the country's domestic dairy industry both now and into the future.

Yotsuba Milk Products Co., Ltd

Makoto Arita