Management philosophy

Yotsuba's promise is made to the farmer and the consumer alike... and it is a promise that will remain firm in years and decades to come.

Company Credo

"To provide fair pricing and long-term stability in dairy management"

Creating fair pricing by managing dairy factories through the farmers themselves is about understanding the mechanism (analysis of production costs and profits etc.) of the milk pricing structure that has surrounded the dairy industry to date. It is also about returning the merits of increased value back to the farmers, and defining appropriate dairy pricing structures through the promotion of self-leadership.
Also, “long-term stable management,” which is the other side of the same coin, has been made an aim based on the idea that farmer-centered dairy business is about all producers benefiting from it.

Company Motto

“Never forget the beginnings”

We must continue to pay respect to the hardships that our founders endured under the philosophy of creating a pipeline between the dairy farmer and the customer, improving the status of dairy farmers through stable long-term management and fair pricing, and contributing to the promotion of health and wellbeing of the country’s people through the supply of pure and genuine dairy products.

"Honesty and Sincerity"

Sincerity is the basis for business.
Company trustworthiness is about always acting and speaking based on ones sincerest intentions.

“Creativity and Ingenuity”

We will always strive toward improvement by never forgetting our enterprising spirit or accepting our current levels of success, and we will continue to demonstrate creativity within the industry.

“Management Philosophy”

We contribute to the health and happiness of our customers and to the continuous development of Hokkaido dairy farming by creating "new value" of high quality milk and providing it as fresh milk and dairy products.

Corporate slogan

"Delivering Hokkaido Goodness Directly to Consumers"

Yotsuba works as a bridge between the dairy farmer and the customer by "Aiming to deliver fresher milk and dairy products to consumers through our efforts" – Yotsuba was born from the hands of dairy farmers with this goal in mind.
The word "direct" in our corporate slogan is defined by the following three promises:

  • The raw milk in the milk material is only sourced from Hokkaido
  • We will always be "honest and sincere" to our customers
  • We will continue to build bridges between our farmers and customers

Yotsuba's Brand Promise

Yotsuba Milk Products Co., Ltd. is a company established by dairy farmers in Hokkaido.

Every day, we provide consumers with milk and dairy products made using high-quality raw milk※1 in Hokkaido's magnificent natural environment.

We are able to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality milk※2 through our earnest dealings with dairy farmers and customers alike.

Our goal is to keep providing small pleasures to those who place importance on their own diet while valuing the health and happiness of their families.

To this end, we are committed to creating new value based on goodness.

Delivering Hokkaido goodness directly to consumers.

By delivering our fresh, natural tasting products around Hokkaido, we help to keep healthy smiles on the faces of the people in the region.
We contribute to realizing daily lifestyles full of happiness by delivering goodness directly from Hokkaido to consumers.

※1 Raw milk: Milk of the cow which is still squeezing and isn't doing processing and sterilization.

※2 Milk: Everything of raw material, milk and dairy products is being expressed.

Our brand promise is our corporate slogan of "Delivering Hokkaido Goodness Directly to Consumers", and this is where Yotsuba’s origin, value, and future is built on. In order to continue to meet the various demands of our customers, all of our employees and dairy farmers share the one brand promise of continuing to work to provide deliciously safe and secure milk and dairy products.